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Happy birthday Debian!

19 years of freedom… and counting!

DebCamp -1

DebCamp starts tomorrow and the local team is relaxing and enjoying some free time with a cup of Debian Coffee. See you soon in Managua! (In case you wonder… yes!!! both the Debian Coffee and the DebConf coffee mug will be for sale during DebConf12 in Managua)

Are you going to DebConf12?

There’s only a few days left before the sponsored registration for DebConf12 closes.

If you haven’t registered yet, please do it before May 15th and consider submitting a talk. We’re looking forward to see you in Managua in July!

DebConf needs you!

The 13th Debian Conference is just around the corner. DebConf12 will be held in Managua, Nicaragua, July 8-14, 2012, and we need your help!

Why should I care?

DebConf is the annual conference for Debian contributors and interested users. Previous Debian Conferences have featured speakers and attendees from around the world (DebConf11 had attendees from 46 different countries).

DebConf helps share the knowledge and experiences of individual developers with the entire community. It also helps promote enthusiasm for specialized areas of development and encourages discussions about Debian’s future.

The benefits that DebConf brings to the Debian project as a whole, and the larger Free Software community, will improve Debian —and by extension will help improve GNU/Linux for everyone, whether they use Debian (or a Debian derivative), or any other distribution.

How can I help?

DebConf is a lot to organize and pay for. We invite you to help that this is going to be a successfull event.

  • Since DebConf is an event organised by volunteers, its quality strongly depends on effort from these volunteers and as such every help is appreciated. Please check the Volunteering section to obtain more information
  • Without money we can not organize a Debconf. Donating is a great way to help us.
  • Do you want to be one of our generous sponsors? You can get nice publicity and contribute valuably to this DebConf.

Hello Planet Debian

I guess I have to do the customary Hello Planet post.

I’m the team leader of the local DebConf12 team and I’ll try to keep you updated on all the cool things that are going on right now with the organization of the thirteenth Debian developer conference that will take place in Managua, Nicaragua, from 1st to 14th of July 2012.

We need a lot of help, so if you want to contribute please check out the Jobs and Teams pages on the DebConf wiki.

Our next DebConf meeting is TBD on doodle, if you’re interested in attending, please go to the doodle poll and select the dates you are available so we can decide a date for the meeting.

Hope to see you guys around!

DebConf12 dates confirmed

The final dates for the 2012 Debian Conference are finally confirmed!

Original announcement:

DebConf12 to take place in Managua, Nicaragua in July 2012

The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian operating system, has confirmed the dates and venue for its next annual conference, DebConf12.

The conference will take place from July 8 to July 14 2012, in Managua, Nicaragua. In DebConf’s twelve-year history, this will be the first time it will be held in Central America.

Every year, DebConf allows new and existing Debian project participants from around the world to assemble, share knowledge, make collaborative contributions to Debian, and build tighter community bonds. Conference costs are largely funded by corporate sponsors who find significant value in enabling Debian’s success.

The members of the Debian community in Nicaragua, working together with their fellow communities in Central America, are very excited to be hosting this event, and are happy to welcome our colleagues from around the world to join us in Managua at this very important and productive conference says Leandro Gómez, leader of the local team for DebConf12. This conference will boost the local Debian and Free Software communities and help to bring awareness for the Debian Project, with new contributors and enthusiasts from our country and the surrounding region joining the Debian community and helping Debian to build the best operating system.

DebConf will be preceded by a day when it opens its doors to the general public, commonly called Debian Day. There will be talks and demonstrations about the benefits of Debian and Free and Open Source software in general to corporate, governmental, academic, and individual users.

The call for papers and registration will open in early 2012.

DebConf12 will be preceded by DebCamp, the yearly developer work sessions, starting on July 1.

The final calendar of the event is:

  • July 1-7 2012: DebCamp, the yearly developer work sessions
  • July 7 2012: Debian Day
  • July 8-14 2012: DebConf12
  • July 15 2012: Departure/cleanup day

About Debian

The Debian Project is an association of Free Software developers who volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the completely free operating system Debian GNU/Linux.

About DebConf

DebConf is the annual Debian conference, which has taken place since 2000 in places as varied as Canada, Finland and Argentina. Several hundred developers, contributors, and users gather each year at a new location to further ideas, cooperate, and socialise. More information about DebConf is available from the Debconf website.

Contact Information

For further information, please visit the DebConf12 web pages or send mail to <>.





FLISOL Managua 2011





Photos by/Fotos de: Selene Yang

DebConf12 Managua

After months of preparation and a very long meeting today, it was decided that the Debian Conference 2012 will be held in the city of Managua, Nicaragua.

On behalf of the DC12 Managua local team I want to thank everybody who made this possible (you know who you are). Thank you so much… and see you in Managua in 2012!



I really can’t express how frustrated I am right now.

As someone pointed out years ago in the loco mailing list… does actually work, or is it just routed to dev/null?

How is it possible that it takes several months, or even years, to give a LoCo team an answer on a request ticket? Do we LoCos suck that bad?


Can YOU help me with any of these?

  • The Central American community needs their forums merged. This was approved by the Forum Council six months ago.
  • The Classroom-es project (official project of the Spanish LoCos – already organized three Open Weeks, two User Days, etc) needs a mailing list
  • The Ubuntu-pa community has been without a website for over a month. They just need redirected to their new servers.
  • The Ubuntu-l10n-miq mailing list admins needs their passwords reseted.
  • The Ubuntu-mx-df team needs a mailing list. (via @magia154)

Feel free to add your own requests in the comments.

PU: Your daily dose of free knowledge

On Sunday, at the awesome #mrpni, I presented our new and shiny project; the Píldoras Ubunteras or PU, a collection of Ubuntu screencasts made for and by the community.

So, what are the PU exactly?

  • Simple and straightforward – Short screencasts (less than 3 minutes long) about using Ubuntu and common applications
  • Localization – All the screencasts will be available in Spanish, English and Miskito (language spoken by the Miskito people in northeastern Nicaragua and in eastern Honduras)
  • Accessibility – All the screencasts will have subtitles available for download
  • Freedom – All the screencasts are made with free software, distributed under a free license and in open formats

Want to contribute?

  • We need screencasters! In English, in Spanish or in Miskito. About Ubuntu or any derivative or about how to use one of the thousands applications available in Ubuntu or any cool feature you discovered. Just remember to keep it short and simple!
  • We need translators! Do you speak English? Hablas español? Man nani Miskitu aisisma ki? You can help us translate the screencasts or making the subtitles.

Just dive in!

  • Join the Launchpad team and subscribe yourself to the mailing list
  • Drop us a line and present yourself
  • If you want to upload a screencast, just ask for access to the server

Can I haz links?