PU: Your daily dose of free knowledge

On Sunday, at the awesome #mrpni, I presented our new and shiny project; the Píldoras Ubunteras or PU, a collection of Ubuntu screencasts made for and by the community.

So, what are the PU exactly?

  • Simple and straightforward – Short screencasts (less than 3 minutes long) about using Ubuntu and common applications
  • Localization – All the screencasts will be available in Spanish, English and Miskito (language spoken by the Miskito people in northeastern Nicaragua and in eastern Honduras)
  • Accessibility – All the screencasts will have subtitles available for download
  • Freedom – All the screencasts are made with free software, distributed under a free license and in open formats

Want to contribute?

  • We need screencasters! In English, in Spanish or in Miskito. About Ubuntu or any derivative or about how to use one of the thousands applications available in Ubuntu or any cool feature you discovered. Just remember to keep it short and simple!
  • We need translators! Do you speak English? Hablas español? Man nani Miskitu aisisma ki? You can help us translate the screencasts or making the subtitles.

Just dive in!

  • Join the Launchpad team and subscribe yourself to the mailing list
  • Drop us a line and present yourself
  • If you want to upload a screencast, just ask for access to the server

Can I haz links?


3 pensamientos en “PU: Your daily dose of free knowledge

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Planet Ubuntu, Ubuntu World Wide, Arjan Waardenburg, Zuissi, Canal Linux and others. Canal Linux said: PU: Your daily dose of free knowledge http://ff.im/-shKqL […]

  2. José Miguel dice:

    Saludos… no entiendo la razón de un post en ingles, referido a una ayuda en español…

  3. leogg dice:

    @José Miguel:

    Hay varias razones para esto…

    1) Es un post dirigido al Planet Ubuntu (planet.ubuntu.com) en donde el contenido es mayoritariamente en inglés

    2) La idea del post es precisamente encontrar colaboradores que hablen inglés… necesitamos gente que traduzca/elabore píldoras en inglés

    3) El post en español viene en unos días y con otro enfoque :p



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