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I really can’t express how frustrated I am right now.

As someone pointed out years ago in the loco mailing list… does actually work, or is it just routed to dev/null?

How is it possible that it takes several months, or even years, to give a LoCo team an answer on a request ticket? Do we LoCos suck that bad?


Can YOU help me with any of these?

  • The Central American community needs their forums merged. This was approved by the Forum Council six months ago.
  • The Classroom-es project (official project of the Spanish LoCos – already organized three Open Weeks, two User Days, etc) needs a mailing list
  • The Ubuntu-pa community has been without a website for over a month. They just need redirected to their new servers.
  • The Ubuntu-l10n-miq mailing list admins needs their passwords reseted.
  • The Ubuntu-mx-df team needs a mailing list. (via @magia154)

Feel free to add your own requests in the comments.