Karmic Release Parties Nicaragua

The Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team celebrated the release of Ubuntu Karmic Koala with two events in capital city Managua.

The fiesta kicked off on November 12, with a series of conferences in the Central American University (UCA).

I gave my usual talk about how to get involved and contribute with the community. Second on line was benevolent dictator Adolfo “K” Fitoria, who showed us the latest news on Kubuntu 9.10, followed by the Gnome fan-boy José Ernesto Dávila with all the goodies in Ubuntu 9.10, including a great presentation of gnome shell. The multimedia guru Rodrigo “RoRo” Rodríguez introduced us to video and audio editing in Ubuntu and last, but not least, daredevil Marcelo Gutierrez showed us the awesomeness of Xubuntu. 9.10.

It was a cool event, lots of new faces and many people interested in getting involved with the community. After the event, the party continued with some cold beers at a local bar.

The following week, on November 20, the Ubuntu Ninjas crashed the Pizza Bash 11 event at the Mansión Teodolinda hotel.

We had a lot of fun (well… not me, I got to work :(). There was some BoF sessions, including one about GPG keys and the atendees got the opportunity to test drive Karmic.

And after the event… yes, you guessed it! More beers!!

Special thanks goes to Neville Cross from the local Fedora community for taking pictures of both events and for letting us raid the PB11 event.


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