Microsoft Installfest?

I felt a bit like in the Twilight Zone this morning when several friends from the community tipped me off that the Central American University (UCA) in Managua had put together a Microsoft Student Club and were about to organize their very first event at the university campus: Microsoft Installfest 2010.

It’s quite funny to see how they’re trying to copy the LUG formula with formal community structures and events.

Sad thing is that UCA was one of the leading universities in Nicaragua in terms of FOSS adoption and embracement of free knowledge and open content.

Anyway, I think this is a great opportunity for the local university LUG to show their muscle and try to hinder the Microsoft invasion.


9 pensamientos en “Microsoft Installfest?

  1. “Anyway, I think this is a great opportunity for the local university LUG to show their muscle and try to hinder the Microsoft invasion.”

    Claro que así será, Microsoft no logrará invadir. 😀

  2. tuxtor dice:

    Here in Guatemala at Galileo University they have an Microsoft Community and also they hosted an Windows Seven Beta Release Install Fest.

    It’s funny because. It’s an install fest for a product that will be obsolet and will not work before the expiration date.

  3. Eddward dice:

    I’m genuinely curious how that works. Is the a door fee to cover the license? Do you have to buy a copy before you arrive? Are the Microsoft Student Club pirates? And is there really a large number of people who really wanted a machine with Windows but couldn’t find a place selling it pre-installed?

    As far as the Microsoft invasion goes, they already have the monopoly. I guess I would think of it more as an occupation.


  4. leogg dice:

    Confío en que sabrán salir victoriosos de esta. 🙂

    It seems to be a global thing then. Hmmm…

    I have no clue about what or how they are doing it. I tried to get to know a bit more about this, but they’re pretty reluctant on giving up more info.

  5. Victor dice:

    Why would you try to hinder their fun? What are you some kind of elitist? That’s not very FOSS-like of you! If they like something and care for it and want to express themselves, why take that away? It’s supposed to be a *free* world, isn’t it? There’s no need to be extremist.

  6. Omar dice:

    WFT??…I mean, for Linux it’s so easy, you can download any version of most of distros and you are encouraged to do it. But with Windows you must do a pray to Microsoft, so I think this is teaching to pirate software. So sad that in latin america the universities grant this kind of “illegal” just because.

    By the way, I think would be more helpful to migrate the entire university to another platform, instead of the “Windows install fest”.

  7. LeX dice:

    Toda la información solicitada ha sido contestada. El software es legal, lo brinda gratuitamente microsoft y no es una versión obsoleta sino final. Además que no es lo único que habrá. Las instalaciones son solo 1 parte del evento, la menor parte, lo importante son las conferencias.

    All the requested information has been answered. The software is legal, it is given freely by microsoft and its not an obsolet version instead its a final version. The installations arent the main point of the event, they are just a small part of it, the main part of the event are the presentations.

    Me parece muy mal de tu parte contestar eso sabiendo que hemos dicho que son versiones originales. Ocultar la verdad es tambien mentir.

    Its very shameful of you to answer that knowing that we are giving original versions. Hiding the truth is one way of lying.

  8. leogg dice:

    Aquí no se esconde nada… este es un blog libre.

  9. ricklennie dice:

    creo que de pensamiento libre no tiene ni un poquito.
    En los primeros comet dicen ke kieren evitar que microsoft invada la UCA… pero es decision de los usuarios finales que S.O van a utilizar… ademas esto esta enfocado a desarrollarnos como profesionales…!!!


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