Ubuntu ID’s

Byron Corrales, from the Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team, made some really, really cool Ubuntu ID’s. You can grab them here at cursorlibre.com. Of course, all the artwork is licensed as CC, ready  for you to mix, modify and distribute. Enjoy!


8 pensamientos en “Ubuntu ID’s

  1. Ddorda dice:

    what’s Ubuntu #?

  2. leogg dice:

    Ubuntu user #

  3. Shane Fagan dice:

    Scarlet uses kubuntu 😉 that may make me switch from ubuntu proper lol

  4. piju dice:

    wow. simone simons of epica also using ubuntu ?
    this is great.

  5. Onkar dice:


    Looking at the ID (email – scarlet@ubuntu.com), do you really think Scarlet uses Kubuntu? 🙂

  6. TuniUbunT dice:

    loool , she trie to make a diffrent and to look speacial

  7. nixternal dice:

    woohoo, Scarlet uses Kubuntu! I knew I loved her for some reason 🙂

    Yes @Shane, you should switch from Ubuntu to Kubuntu 🙂

    @Onkar – not only is Scarlet beautiful on the outside, but her desktop is also beautiful as well as her inner-being because of Kubuntu, so foo on you! 😀

  8. Winuser dice:

    WTF quien les dio autorizacion de copyrigth para usar las imagenes de esos artistas?


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