Canonical: Please sync Ubuntu .04 releases with FLISOL

I would absolutely love to see this come true. I think it will benefit the Spanish/Portuguese speaking Ubuntu community and, of course, Canonical and the Ubuntu project itself. First off all (and for those of you who don’t know)…

What is FLISOL?

FLISOL is the Latin American Free Software Installation Festival, an event organized by the Latin American free software community since 2005. FLISOL takes place on the fourth Saturday of April every year. The sixth edition of FLISOL was celebrated last weekend, on April 24, 2010.

Today, FLISOL is undoubtedly the biggest FOSS event in Latin America and maybe even the biggest single installfest on the planet.

The 2010 edition of FLISOL was organized simultaneously in 20 countries and 250 cities all over Latin America and, for the first time, in Europe (three local events in Spain).

Tens of thousands of people come to FLISOL every year to learn about free software and thousands of them install Ubuntu (and other distros) on their computers for the very first time.

In the last couple of years Ubuntu has been released before FLISOL, and despite the fact that it has put a lot of pressure on the LoCo teams in order to download all the .iso’s and burn hundreds of CDs in just a few days, it has been -until now- an excellent showcase of the latest Ubuntu release.

What happened this year?

The attendees weren’t able to testdrive or install the latest Ubuntu because… well… we are not there yet!!! 🙂 We missed an excellent opportunity to show the awesomeness of the Lucid Lynx.

  • We installed a release on thousands of computers that’s not going to be the latest stable release in a few days.
  • This release will only have 12 months of support. Compare it with Lucid’s 3 years support on desktops, and 5 years on servers.
  • Upgrading from Karmic to Lucid may be a trivial task everywhere else, but in Latin America, with slow and expensive Internet connections, it’s almost impossible mission for the majority of users.

So, please… let’s make the Maverick+1 release rock at FLISOL 2011!! Sync, sync, sync!!!


15 pensamientos en “Canonical: Please sync Ubuntu .04 releases with FLISOL

  1. DiegoTc dice:

    Completely agree with you Leogg

  2. malev dice:

    Int 2009 it happened the same issue

  3. Shane Fagan dice:

    Em couldnt you guys sync the festival to the release instead?

  4. Not only spanish man! Don’t forget us, “Irmãos Brasileiros” or “Hermanos Brasileños”

    FLISOL happens here (in Brasil) too and we are Portuguese speakers! =P

  5. leogg dice:

    FLISOL is not an Ubuntu-centric event. Other communities involved in FLISOL could argue the same thing; why not sync with Fedora releases? or openSuse? or [insert your favorite distro here]?

    Oooops… sorry for that!!!! Post edited. Saudações de Nicaragua!

  6. Yes that is completely true!!!

  7. Wilfredo I. Pachón dice:

    I’m a FLISOL installler and Speaker and this great idea sounds very fantastic.
    My vote +1

  8. JorSol dice:

    Since the FLISOL is made the last saturday of April, in 2011 I believe that we are not going to have problems with the release of Ubuntu given that the last saturday of April 2011 is 30th.

    But I really believe that Ubuntu (Canonical) should sync their releases with the FLISOL to avoid the problem of this year… It’s fine if Ubuntu is released the thursday before the FLISOL (since it’s always released on thursday). So we can install always the lastest and greatest version of Ubuntu. 😀

  9. Ubuntero dice:

    Can’t this be reported as a bug?

  10. leogg dice:

    Good question!
    The thing is who or what should we file the bug against? Ubuntu 11.04 isn’t even planned yet.

  11. jani dice:

    why not install the release candidates or whatever is latest then? That way you get a lot of needed testers and teach some of them also how to report bugs; those installs will soon become stable in a few days anyway.
    So it even makes sense for Ubuntu to release _only after_ such a great opportunity to test the yet to be released version. FLISOL is indeed not Ubuntu centric, but Ubuntu is even less FLISOL centric 🙂

  12. leogg dice:

    You can’t expect first-time Linux users to be beta-testers. They want something that just works. They don’t want their newly installed system to crash as soon as they come home.

    As for the stability of the system… well… I’ve just downloaded a 180Mb upgrade on my four-day-old RC install… and being Internet connectivity a real issue here, it just don’t make sense to install a RC.

    You’re right about that Ubuntu (or Canonical) could care less about FLISOL… but hey, the Latin American Ubuntu Local Communities are an important part of FLISOL. So, what is good for the LoCos should also be good for Ubuntu?

  13. Zac dice:

    Good request. I wonder if it’s a bit late to change the date for this year though. It will be perfect if it can and create good publicity, and it will suit me too so I can stay up and involve myself in the excitement on the forums. 🙂

  14. Azrael dice:

    Couldn’t you just use the Ubuntu 10.04 RC?

  15. leogg dice:

    RC is not stable enough for mass installs. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to download a long list of updates in order to get the stable release.


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