Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 CD Labels

As I did with Jaunty and Karmic, I’m now releasing some CD labels for Ubuntu Lucid, ready for you to print, modify and redistribute!

There are 17 different designs for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and the new kid on the block; Lubuntu!

You can download the labels (source files included) at SpreadUbuntu. Enjoy!

12 pensamientos en “Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 CD Labels

  1. Gunnar dice:

    Ummm… Creo que los ubunteros necesitan ayuda en el departamento de mercadotecnia. Eso de lanzar “lubuntu” es una solicitud a gritos para el “Ubuntu for Looooosers”… :-}

  2. 1916home dice:

    Bravo! Very beautiful work.

  3. CTown dice:

    This is great work. By the way, did not the logos and font change for 10.04. I still love these though, especially the Kubuntu ones.

  4. duanedesign dice:

    As usual you did a great job. I have used and recommended your labels to many people. It helps tremendously to have a well designed label when handing out a CD. Thank you for these! You do a great job.

  5. leogg dice:

    jejejeje…. nahhh!!
    Lubuntu rocks!! yo lo estoy usando… lxde es super!!

    thx 🙂

    yes… the labels have the new branding (somewhat) :p

    thank you so much!

  6. Winuser dice:

    Ahora crea un label para la tienda de música privativa que discrimina entre usuarios gringos y demas parias en el mundo.

  7. Ahmed, alias Neo31 dice:

    cool, I like the Kubuntu label. I will install it on my laptop 🙂

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  10. Alice dice:

    So a beautiful work! ^^
    You’re goo great! And your labels too! 😉

  11. leogg dice:

    Thank you, Alice 😉

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