Liberate the music, part two

In just a couple of days, our LoCo Team is celebrating its third anniversary.

It’s quite refreshing to see the way we’ve evolved over the years, from a small and local LUG-ish organization to a broader free software community where we build new relationships every day with similar communities and work with some interesting projects.

One of these new and interesting initiatives is the collaboration between our community and the free culture movement. It all started with some informal meetings with a couple of local bands previous to the 2008 Software Freedom Day event.

Today, we see the first results of this collaboration with the release of the first album of a Nicaraguan artist under a Creative Commons.

Orgánico is the name of Cecilia Ferrer’s album, available for free from the Jamendo and Rocknica websites. The album includes nine songs, of which two are in English, and the sound is a fascinating combination of rock, pop and electronic beats.

I’m more of a classic-rock-heavy-metal-junkie-kind-of-guy, but I must say I really enjoyed this album. The vocals are great and the mixture of Latin American and European rhythms is awesome. If you haven’t heard of Cecilia Ferrer yet, please go to Jamendo or Rocknica and download the album.


4 pensamientos en “Liberate the music, part two

  1. Alex dice:

    FYI: I have a machine seeding the Ogg/Vorbis torrent for this album. It should be good for about 400KB/s, and I do not intend to shut it down any time soon.

  2. leogg dice:

    Thank you so much for seeding this!

  3. Fabian Rodriguez dice:

    Gracias! Lo he bajado y circulé el artículo en FB.

  4. Saludos,

    mi nombre es María Rodríguez (, en este momento estoy desarrollando un proyecto para la cumbre eurolatinoamericana. Se trata de hacer un mapeo de red de los principales blogueros del continente de modo que la Secretaría de Estado para Iberoamérica del Gobierno español pueda enviarte aquellas propuestas y acuerdos intergubernamentales que entren en relación con tus temas habituales de trabajo.

    ¿Podrías enviarme una dirección de email así como un nombre completo (puede ser un alias si lo deseas) para agregarte al mapeo?

    Un saludo y muchas gracias



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