Semana Ubuntera FTW!

In my last blog post, I talked about the organisation of the very first Ubuntu Open Week in Spanish. Well… we’re almost there!

From November 2-6, we’ll have a series of IRC workshops where you can learn about Ubuntu, talk to some of the developers and leaders of the community and find out how to contribute.

We have a pretty cool schedule with some interesting workshops about community, development, marketing, and the highlights of Karmic Koala.

We will also have the participation of our friends from the Debian community; Eduardo Rosales, leader of the Debian Nicaragua community, talking about how to contribute to the Debian project, and René Mayorga, Debian Developer from El Salvador, with a session on packaging.

There’s still a few slots available, so if you’re interested in giving a talk, please edit the wiki and add your name (yes! it’s as easy as that!).

The schedule of the Ubuntu Open Week in Spanish is here. You can also check out the schedule of the official Ubuntu Open Week (in English) here.


7 pensamientos en “Semana Ubuntera FTW!

  1. Heya!! I can give a talk about How to get involved with Ubuntu Development or Translating the UWN into Spanish, if you are interested 🙂

  2. leogg dice:

    ubuntu development would be cool! 🙂
    please add yourself to the wiki:

    …and thank you for stepping up!


  3. Viperhoot dice:

    Faltaba más, me acabo de anotar para la sesión de trabajo con bugs.

    Semana Ubuntera FTW!

  4. leogg dice:

    Gracias Dante! 🙂

  5. unfortunately I wont be able to make it on Monday and there are no other days available 😦

  6. […] The guys over at Ubuntu Nicaragua have done it again, this time they have organized spanish sessions for Ubuntu Open Week LoCo team members from all Central and South America have joined efforts to promote more Ubuntu and Community colaboration. These series of talks will be held in #ubuntu-centroamerica and #ubuntu-centroamerica-chat and they start at 22:00 UTC from NOV 2nd til NOV 6th. Just like regular Ubuntu Open Week […]


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