Ubuntu CD Labels

With the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope release just around the corner, I’ve decided to release some of the artwork I’ve done for Ubuntu CDs. There are 22 different designs to choose from, all of them free for you to print your own Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu 9.04 CD/DVD labels.


The artwork is released under a CC-BY-SA license and the .svg sources are included if you want to customize and/or localize your labels. If you make derivated versions of the CD labels or take some photos of your printed CDs, please post a link in my blog. It’s always fun to see what other people do with your work 🙂

If you use the artwork for commercial purposes (selling Ubuntu CDs), consider donating a part of the profits to your local Ubuntu community (and buy me a beer if we meet in real life 🙂

The Ubuntu CD labels are part of an Ubuntu Art Pack I’m working on that’s going to include miscelaneous artwork – everything from Ubuntu stickers to posters and Ubuntu Impress templates for presentations. Contributions are welcome and highly appreciated!

Download here.

Happy Jaunty release!!


31 pensamientos en “Ubuntu CD Labels

  1. nixternal dice:

    Those look gorgeous, great job on that, very impressive!

  2. alucardni dice:

    leogg, dude you rulz!!! This artwork is freaking awesome!

  3. […] descargartelo del sitio oficial de Ubuntu. Y para darle un toque muy elegante, @leogg comparte 22 geniales diseños de disco que puedes utilizar para pegarselo a tus disco o donde se te ocurra. Puedes descargar el pack desde […]

  4. AndrewG dice:


    Great work.

    How about posting them to the
    http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org website.

  5. Did you also think about adding lightscribe artwork? Such a thing can be seen for Fedora here: http://mairin.wordpress.com/2008/12/10/fedora-10-lightscribe-label/

  6. nicely done!! ill owe you that beer 😛

  7. […] [1.1.7_509]please wait…Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) This article was found on Planet Ubuntu. Click here to visit the full article on the original website. With the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope release just around the corner, I’ve decided to release […]

  8. juancarlospaco dice:

    Nice work!!!

  9. Seba dice:

    Muy Buenas Caratulas !
    las mejores que he visto

    great job xD

  10. stelt dice:

    The more SVG in Ubuntu, the better

  11. leogg dice:

    Sure! Feel free to post them over there…


  12. leogg dice:

    Will research about that… thanks!

  13. ubuntuway dice:

    Excellent work, buddy! 😀
    I love it!

  14. David dice:

    te quedaron salvaje :), como t dijeron antes, seria buenisimo una adaptacion para lightscribe. Tal vez me pongo a probar.

  15. the link does not work
    correct it please

  16. Manolo dice:

    Good Ubuntu CD labels

  17. Tyra dice:

    Thanks a lot!
    It rocks downloading the new ISO, burning the DVD, installing and testing – and all without worrying if my system is “genuine” and having my system checked periodically by Microsoft.
    thanks, thanks, thanks!

  18. nizarus dice:

    great 🙂
    nice job.

  19. said026 dice:

    Thank you so much good job

  20. Habillez vos galettes sous Ubuntu 9.04…

    Pour ceux ayant téléchargés l’iso de la dernière version d’Ubuntu et qui souhaitent personnaliser leurs cd, Leandro Gómez met à disposition, et sous licence CC-BY-SA, des images de cd ainsi que l’ensemble des sources afin de pouvoir les modifier, af…

  21. tarekdj dice:

    ubuntu-tn version 1000000 thx for yor work

  22. […] couple of months ago I posted some CD/DVD labels for Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope and I had a great response from the community. The labels have been downloaded over 2,000 times […]

  23. […] for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Leandro has been creating these labels for the last two cycles – Jaunty & […]

  24. […] secondo (immagine sopra), è uno splendido lavoro fatto dal blogger leogg, che ha creato ben 22 differenti etichette per Ubuntu e le sue derivate (Kubuntu, Xubuntu e […]


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