Open Source in Nicaragua

La Brújula, a weekly magazine has dedicated this week to FOSS, publishing four interesting articles.

Open Source: Breaking the barriers of the market – An article about the philosophy behind Free and Open Source Software. Talks also about the migration process and the countries that have embraced FOSS. Read the article in Spanish. In English, Google translation.

Almidón: Software made in Nicaragua – This article is about Almidón, an open source CMS developed in Nicaragua and released under the GPLv3.0 license. Read it in Spanish | English.

Free Software is a political, social and ethical issue – An article on why FOSS is the best alternative for Nicaragua and the importance of FOSS in the social, cultural and economical development of the country. Read it in Spanish | English.

Linux: A parellel universe – The story behind GNU/Linux, Torvalds, Stallman and the FSF. The Nicaraguan GNU/Linux User Group. Read it in Spanish | English.

La Brújula is the first magazine in Nicaragua published under a CC License. Congratulations goes to the editors and writers of the magazine. Well done!


Un pensamiento en “Open Source in Nicaragua

  1. Joseph dice:

    I wish I spoke spanish. 😦

    I suck.


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