SFD 2008: Preliminary Report

Last Saturday, the Nicaraguan GNU/Linux community celebrated the Software Freedom Day in the city of Managua. I don’t have the final numbers, but we had around 1,300 attendees during the whole day (including the Software Freedom Concert).


The SFD event started with one hour delay due to the unprecedented affluence of visitors. Initially, there were four computers registering the attendees, but we had to put three additional laptops in order to fasten the registration process.

We had six conferences with speakers from Brasil, Guatemala, Perú and Nicaragua.

After the final conference, the Community Council of Ubuntu Nicaragua gave an award and the official membership status for all their hard work promoting Ubuntu, to two of the youngest members of our community; Karl Picado (8 years old) and Sharon Gómez (13 years old).

Around 750-800 people attended the conferences.

As a funny note; Around noon, we realised that someone inside the conference hall was streaming the event live. That was actually pretty cool. Thanks MA!


We had 30 installations on both laptops and desktops. Mainly openSuse and Ubuntu, but also Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, and one computer with CentOS.


102 people attended the three workshops we had on the SFD. There could have been more people, but we had some technical problems and limitations. Only 35 of the 40 computers in the lab worked, and one workshops was cancelled due to the audio/video editing software not working properly.

Despite all, the workshops were a big success and people kept asking if we are going to organise some more in a near future.


The game area, organised by the local LUG at the University, was a big success. There were competitions with Frets On Fire and Urban Terror, and some cool prizes for the winners.

ANASA, the local astronomy association had a telescope and a few laptops running Stellarium.

Approximately 300 people visited the game area during the whole day. At some point, there was a nice chaotic mess with loud heavy metal music, people screaming and cheering at the competing teams and the poor ANASA guys trying to explain the software at the demo booth.


As usual, we had a few tables where we distributed CDs and DVDs, and some t-shirts and stickers for sale. We gave also information about the different distributions and handed out some flyers.


The SFD event ended with a rock concert. At the concert, we had a laptop running Ubuntu with some cool videos.

The concert was awesome. There was a lot of people enjoying two excellent rock bands and two DJs that played non-stop until 2 AM.

After the concert, a group of tired, but happy, SFD staff members headed to a local bar for some beers and around 5 AM, with the first rays of sun, the second SFD Nicaragua event was officially over.

I want to end this post with something my daughter told me yesterday; “We showed (the Nicaraguan) people that great things can be done when we all work together”.

And that is what the SFD Nicaragua 2008 was all about; The community at its best, working together in harmony for a great cause.


More photos (and some videos) to come!


9 pensamientos en “SFD 2008: Preliminary Report

  1. effie_jayx dice:

    Ese evento fue MUCHO con DEMASIADO :D, I am so impressed with the number of enthusiasts. Keep up the excellent work my friend. Let’s make SFD rock even harder next year.

    I’ll pick up the band at the end…

  2. leogg dice:

    Gracias Efrain 🙂
    El próximo año nos vamos para Maracaibo!! XD

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  4. teoten dice:

    La partimos, Prix 😀

  5. Tuve la oportuinidad de participar por primera vez en un evento de Software Libre de manera llena y plena, y a pesar de algunos desaires, toda la experiencia fue impresionante y genial. Demuestra que sí se puede trabajar en equipo y que una gran comunidad puede más que un experto que cree saberlo todo.

  6. Pio martinez dice:

    Excelente, great work guys. Felicidades.

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