Move your mouse with Freedom II

The climax of this years edition of the Software Freedom Day Nicaragua will be a rock concert on Saturday night titled “Move your mouse with Freedom II“.

We’ll have some of the hottest bands of the moment at the event:

  • Milly Majuc – This young band is composed of five musicians from the city of Masaya. Their music is a mix of funk, reggae, ska and psychedelic rock. They describe their music as “it sounds as when you’re happy”.  Watch their video: Gueguense War (live concert, low quality video).
  • Q69K –  A punk-rock trio formed in year 2000. They’re the most representative Nicaraguan band of this genre. They have been the opening act of several international bands over the years. Check out their video clip: La rutina cansa.
  • DJ Revuelta Sonora – The most famous DJ in Nicaragua. This performer has been part of several successful local rock bands. His latest video Tululu Mix has some cool tunes from the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast.
  • DJ Carbono 14 – DJ and promoter of Free and Open Source Software. This young artist is a GNU/Linux user and member of the local openSuse community.

This concert is not only (a pretty good) excuse to relax and chill out after many months of hard work on the SFD event, it’s also a great opportunity to promote free culture and open standards.

A couple of weeks prior to the event, we’ve had a few informal meetings with the musicians where we discussed several topics, such as FOSS, community, open education and Creative Commons.

Jason Thompson, from Q69K, stated on a radio interview last week that Free Software is the only viable solution for a country like Nicaragua. “We want to invite everybody to the SFD event on September 20. We’re going to be there. We’re going to migrate to FOSS on that day. And so should you!”

DJ Revuelta Sonora, on the other hand, is one of the biggest promoters of free culture in Nicaragua. All their website is under a CC license, and we hope to continue to work closely with them after Software Freedom Day promoting free and open content and open standards.

SFD 2008 is only a few a days away… Are you ready to rock ‘n roll?



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