September: A month of freedom and independence

1856: A civil war broke out a few years back, between the conservatives from Granada and the liberals from the city of León. During the conflict, the conservatives got a mercenary army involved from North America, headed by William Walker. After obtaining military stability in the country, William Walker decided to take over control of the country and declare himself president with the idea to annex the region to the United States.

The national groups normally opposing each other decided to unite against this threat and with the support of the Central American armies they started a national war that saw its historical climax at the patriotic battle at Hacienda San Jacinto on September 14.

A small group of Nicaraguan army men was in charge of slowing down the troops of the filibuster. They were located at a small cattle ranch situated a couple kilometers north of Managua, waiting to repulse a North American army that was greater both in number and arms.

The battle started at dawn and the patriots took some hits but maintained their positions. Their arms were old and they frequently failed to function. An ingenious action, however, brought them a surprising victory. When the battle became more violent and the Nicaraguans lost their positions, the horses that were located at an enclosure on a hill within the farm were set free. Upon hearing this sound, the mercenaries thought cavalry reinforcements of the enemy had arrived and aghast the troops fled the scene.

The famous patriotic battle at San Jacinto signified the start of the filibuster’s defeat throughout the country. The battle took place on September 14, coincidentally one day before the independence celebrations.

Today, a new battle for freedom and independence is taking place in Nicaragua. A battle for social, economic and technological sustainability. A battle to substantially improve the conditions of development of our society, using free and open source tools in order to ensure a free and unrestricted access to information and knowledge.

On September 20, 152 years after the patriotic battle at Hacienda San Jacinto, a legion of freedom hackers are taking the Central American University by storm. The battle has just begun. Victory is ours.


Un pensamiento en “September: A month of freedom and independence

  1. fitoria dice:

    🙂 The Empire of non free software is going down… lets throw some FLOSStones…


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