Tech show – Episode 2 and 3

If you haven’t heard about our communication project before, please read here first. You can find Episode 1 in this post.

The original plan with the weekly tech show was only 10 minutes per show, but the last one lasted almost half an hour, so that’s great news.

We’re also having a lot of fun, but we were definitely not prepared for the response from the audience. After the last show we got tons of phone calls demanding CDs, and we didn’t even had a plan for burning and distributing them. Long story short: We’re planning a special event at Debian Day Nicaragua 08 with installfest, demo and burning stations. Lesson learned.

As usual, you can subscribe to our youtube channel if you want updates on the latest episodes. Feedback highly appreciated. You can send us an e-mail to primerahora at We’ll read some mails live during the show… so grab that keyboard and drop us a few lines! 🙂

If you have any suggestions for new topics or want to contact us directly, write to cc at or drop by #ubuntu-ni at

Next Tuesday we’ll talk about social networks. Meanwhile, here are the videos of Episode 2 and 3:

Tech show – Episode 2

Broadcasted on: July 22, 2008
Lenght: 18:18
Topic: Web 2.0
Hosts: Guiselle Alemán (Canal 2), Noel Vargas (FOSS community)
Guests: David Aragón (Web Developer), Mario Rocha (System Administrator)
Summary: Evolution of the Web. The concept of Web 2.0. Social networks, collaborative tools. Security and privacy. Blogs: WordPress.

Watch video on Google Video: uncut version
Watch video on Youtube: 1 | 2
Download video in .ogg format: Info220708.ogv (42.1 Mb)

Tech show – Episode 3

Broadcasted on: July 29, 2008
Lenght: 29:43
Topic: FOSS in Education
Hosts: Bertha Valle (Canal 2), Noel Vargas (FOSS community)
Guests: Norman García (Ubuntu-ni Team leader), Nelson Conrado (Technician of the Computer Lab in Colegio Guardabarranco), Eva Rojas (student of Colegio Guardabarranco)
Summary: IT and Education. Free and Open Source Software for educational purposes. Software for teachers and students. Internet as a tool for learning. Experience of Colegio Guardabarranco, a Nicaraguan public school that migrated to GnuLinEx back in 2005. The OLPC Project.

Watch video on Google Video: uncut version
Watch video on Youtube: 1 | 2 | 3
Download video in .ogg format: Info290708.ogv (80.7 Mb)

Update: Videos in free format are up thanks to JorSol.


3 pensamientos en “Tech show – Episode 2 and 3

  1. El Desalmado dice:

    mucho mas ordenado este ultimo episodio!
    ya van dandole mas orden a la forma de llevar las entrevistas

  2. leogg dice:

    seeee… ya se va aprendiendo sobre la marcha 🙂

  3. diacachimba…. esta info va para los boletines


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