Tech show – Episode 1

As promised, yesterday I’ve uploaded the video of our very first tech show in Canal 2. You can watch it here.

I’ll upload a free version of the video as soon as I figure out how to convert it from wmv to ogg. And no, neither vlc or ffmpeg2theora works for me.

Feedback appreciated! Send your comments to: primerahora at

Watch us next tuesday. The topic for the second show will be Web 2.0.

Update: You can download the video in .ogv format here (thanks JorSol). You can also suscribe yourself to our youtube channel and receive automatic updates on new episodes.


8 pensamientos en “Tech show – Episode 1

  1. nasrullah dice:

    very nice for your good effort to promote the Democratic OS Ubuntu …….Freedom to the people with Ubuntu

  2. Tiago Faria dice:

    So f*cking awesome! GREAT job!

    Best of luck to you guys.


    P.S..: w00t! I understood most of the show 🙂

  3. Tiago Faria dice:


    During the interview, you mention that the penguin is the symbol for an Operating System called Linux. I know you guys were trying to keep things simple for the less tech-savvy crowd, but I don’t think mentioning GNU would hurt. Especially since the tux is a known symbol for the kernel, not the whole OS.

    This is the old name controversy, but the penguin is not the symbol for the whole OS.

  4. leogg dice:

    Thank you!

    Pretty cool way to practice Spanish, isn’t it?

    You’re right about the GNU part, but as you said, we wanted to keep things simple. I’m sure that we will have the opportunity on upcoming shows to talk about the GNU project and the Linux kernel.

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. JorSol dice:

    @Leogg: I temporally upload the video in Ogg Theora to (is compressed in zip due host limitations).

    I use ffmpeg2theora, which is the best encoder right now.

    PD: Is really bad that you can’t get the original source (or at least one with better quality). 😦

  6. Good job! I wish we could organise something like that for the morning show here in South Africa!

  7. heathenx dice:

    Perhaps this will work…

    You will need: sudo apt-get install mpg321 vorbis-tools oggz-tools ffmpeg2theora mplayer mencoder

    1. convert wmv to avi with mencoder (because working with avi is easier for me)
    mencoder input.wmv -ovc lavc -ofps 29.97 -oac pcm -o output.avi

    2. dump audio from avi
    mplayer -dumpaudio output.avi -dumpfile audio.mp3

    3. remove audio from avi to get only video
    mencoder -ovc copy -nosound output.avi -o video.avi

    4. convert mp3 to ogg
    mpg321 audio.mp3 -w – | oggenc -o audio.ogg –

    5. convert video avi to video ogg
    ffmpeg2theora video.avi
    # this creates video.ogg in same directory

    6. merge/combine/join ogg video to ogg audio
    oggzmerge video.ogg audio.ogg -o final.ogg

    There are probably easier ways but this should get you there. 🙂

  8. […] Tech show – Episode 2 and 3 Julio 31, 2008 Posted by leogg in FOSS, Linux, Sugar XO, planet-ubuntu, planeta, planeta-sl. trackback If you haven’t heard about our communication project before, please read here first. You can find Episode 1 in this post. […]


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