One of the coolest things about the FOSS community is that you can get involved in so many ways. There’s plenty of work to do; coding, translations, bug hunting, advocacy… But there’s always an aspect in the LoCo’s day-to-day routine that don’t get as much attention. I’m talking about social interaction.

Photo: Ubuntu-ni anniversary, February 2008

There has been a lot of talk about this in our LoCo, and while we recognize that we’re very good at socializing, there’s always room for improvement.

Photo: Give me back my Ubuntu CD!!!

It’s ok to chat every day in the IRC channel or to discuss LoCo issues in the mailing list, but we also need to meet in the real world, and talk about non-LoCo stuff (a bit difficult to achieve when you group a bunch of geeks together).

Photo: The Stallman Ping Pong Cup 2008

I’m just wondering, what do you do in order to improve social interaction between the members of your LoCo Team?

Photo: Hmm… drinking is not a social activity? – SFD 2007 After Party


6 pensamientos en “Socialization

  1. You are the Ubunteros that say Ni!

  2. leogg dice:

    hehehe… yes we are!

  3. leogg dice:

    jejeje… habló el rey de los nerdos!!

  4. Mackenzie dice:

    You guys need to recruit more ubuntu-women into your LoCo….what a sausage fest!

    In the DC LoCo, a bunch of us (well, the most active people) have become friends and just hang out at random. One of the guys owns a restaurant, so meeting up there for good food (mmm Indian food) isn’t uncommon. The Smithsonian had their annual Folklife Festival last week, and 4 of us went together. When there are festivals in town, they usually get mentioned on the list with a “who’ll be there?” Though I suppose festivals are more common in this town than most others.

  5. leogg dice:

    Sausage fest!!! lol

    Yep, you’re right… there are very few women…

    I must say that we have a similar experience, many of us have become friends, and that’s pretty cool.

    Thanks for your comments!


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