United we are strong

The Ubuntu Translation Sprint was meant to conclude four hours ago, but we’re still here translating.

It has been a very productive day, we’ve translated +700 strings in Rosetta, but the best thing about todays event was that we had members from the other Linux communities in Nicaragua (Fedora, openSuse and Debian) translating Ubuntu packages.

This is a perfect example on how people with different backgrounds and interests can contribute and work together in harmony for the benefit of the whole FOSS community.

I was particularly amused by seeing Neville, a Fedora guy, translating Ubuntu packages on a Debian box. Priceless!

Thank you all! See you in the next Translation Sprint!


7 pensamientos en “United we are strong

  1. foo dice:

    Does Launchpad still not contribute translations back to upstream projects? Until it does, getting people to use it for translations is nothing short of evil

  2. This is awesome! Can you post some pictures of the event?

  3. udienz dice:

    700+ String! awesome!
    ***prepared our team

  4. roaksoax dice:

    Wow, this is great!!! it’s too bad that i wasn’t able to help, but i’m sure it rocked. Thanks for helping on translations.

  5. Eos87 dice:

    great man, we are strong when we stay together, we can do everything while all cooperate.


  6. stickster dice:

    @foo: I don’t know about evil, but it’s certainly incredibly wrong-headed.

    @Leandro: If we want to be truly “strong,” we need to make sure that translations go back to the upstream communities where they belong. When we do translation (or any work, including code) that stays locked up in a downstream system, they don’t get as much review. Whether it’s code, docs, translations, or anything, more eyeballs == better work. Locking that work away is the “cathedral” method, not the FOSS “bazaar” method. If you want to show a really strong community, find a way to do this work cooperatively with the upstream communities.

  7. leogg dice:

    Thank you everybody for your comments.

    Sorry. No photos from the Sprint, but I’ll be posting some from the other events we had this week.

    @foo & Stickster:
    I said it very clearly: we translated only “Ubuntu packages”. We didn’t translate any upstream project.


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