No time to rest

It’s going to be a pretty busy month for our FOSS community. Lots of activities and events to keep track of.

June 4-5: FERTEC – The National Autonomous University Technological Fair. We’re going to have a stand there and give a couple of talks.

June 5: Jornadas Ubunteras – The local Ubuntu community in the Central American University (UCA) is going to present a documentary titled “Linux Code”.

June 6: II Almidón Workshop for Developers – The local GNU/Linux community, in partnership with Guegue and ISI, are organizing a second workshop for Almidón developers. Almidón is a popular CMS released under a GPLv3 license. It’s used in over 200 web sites, including El Nuevo Diario, SIMAS, and many other.

June 6: SFD Planning – After the Almidón workshop, we’re going to have a meeting in order to plan for the Software Freedom Day 2008.

June 8: Ubuntu-ni meeting – The Ubuntu-ni Community Council is having its first meeting of the month.

June 12: The local Ubuntu community in the Central American University (UCA) strikes back! This time we’re having an introductory conference about Contributing to Ubuntu.

June 13: Ubuntu Translation Sprint – Our very first translation sprint on Friday 13th. There’s no place for bad luck here.

June 14: Mandriva Install Party – The youngest community in .ni are organizing their first event. We’re going to give them a hand with some FOSS related conferences.

June 15: UNI LAN Party – We’ve been invited to this event by a local gamers community. Time to play some FoF, Urban Terror and (my favorite) Frozen Bubble!!

June 20: openSuse Day/Linux Tour – The members of the local open Suse community are invading the campus of UNICIT for a day long event.

Not scheduled yet: Our third Strategic Planning Workshop + a couple of birthdays (yes, we party too!!).

Rest? Who has time for that?

BTW: Good luck El Salvador, Perú and Ecuador on your approval today!


Un pensamiento en “No time to rest

  1. fitoria dice:

    jejejeje alegremonos ^_^


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