Ubuntu IDs

Seen on FS-WebDesiGn. Thanks to Fitoria for the tip.


11 pensamientos en “Ubuntu IDs

  1. Zenwalker dice:

    Seems good Card design. But i cant understand any thing written on that site. Can any body (Linux freak) have that card?

  2. leogg dice:

    Anyone can download, customize and print their own cards.

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  4. Nanci Barthelmess dice:

    Does anyone know where I can find the source material for them? I’d like to make one for my sister (fellow Ubuntu blogger) and I.

  5. Peng dice:

    Sorry, that should have been me that posted that comment. My sis is here and I didn’t realize she hadn’t logged out of her/our blog.

  6. leogg dice:

    Hi Peng,

    You can download the IDs from:



  7. Nanci Barthelmess dice:

    Woops! The links were hidden. Thankee!

  8. sinchi dice:


  9. Nanci Barthelmess dice:

    Seeing as Slackware isn’t part of the Ubuntu family I’d suggest on another post. 😉


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