Strategic Planning

The Ubuntu-ni community organized and hosted the very first of a series of workshops for Strategic Planning (TPE, in Spanish). The idea behind the TPE is to design and implement the local FOSS community’s strategic plan for the next twelve months.

We identified four general areas of interest. Every area drafted 4-6 projects that the community is going to work on in 2008-2009. The areas are:

  • Communication and Advocacy
  • Education
  • Local FOSS development
  • Strengthen of the local and regional communities

The TPE is still a work in progress, but the results of the first workshop looks promising. In the following weeks, we are going to release all the material; the methodology and tools we used, the project guides, and of course, the Strategic Plan itself, so that other LoCo Teams can learn and  benefit from our experience.

Meanwhile, you can read what one of our community members blogged about the TPE (sorry, available only in Spanish).

Update: Google translation of the above blog post (Thanks igorgue!!).


4 pensamientos en “Strategic Planning

  1. gouki dice:

    Great idea. Best of luck!

  2. Igor dice:

    Oe leogg, you can always put Google translation links 😉

  3. leogg dice:


    Linked! Gracias por la observación! 🙂

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